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Hi there, I’m Lane.

I’m a graduating senior studying graphic design at Auburn University. At heart, I’m a problem solver, experimenter, and question-asker who understands the importance of balancing practicality with outside-the-box solutions. For me, design has always been about making a positive impact in the world, and I am always looking for opportunities to solve design problems in a way that benefits the greater good of the community, whether through sustainability or social change. No matter the project, I am a believer in the importance of taking the time to research, draw inspiration, and form a solid process that produces a meaningful, thoughtful, and impactful design solution. 


Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, I lived in Eswatini (Southern Africa) throughout my high school years. While there, I developed an interest in design through working at a local church and community center. When not designing, you can find me baking, reading a good sci-fi or mystery book, or nerding out over planes.