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App Design


Develop a working app prototype for Aero, an on-demand air transportation company serving the niche audience of those who want or need to fly private, but do not have the means to own an aircraft.



Aero's new app utilizes a limited color scheme, clean and modern typography, and glamorous imagery to create an interface that is luxurious, sophisticated, and visually immersive. Aero's average user is quite busy and needs to be able to quickly book flights on the fly, so I designed an interface that is graphic, clean, and easy to navigate, taking the viewer on a visual journey through the booking and check-in process. 

Integrations with Apple Wallet and Aero's proprietary in-flight entertainment system create a seamless check-in and flight experience that is custom tailored to the user's trip details, syncing automatically and reducing the workload and stress levels of both the passenger and the flight crew.

Aero Presentation.001.jpeg
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