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Aloft Communications

Identity Design

Auburn Graphic Design Juried Show 2021, juried by Elise Thomason: 

Winner, Identity Design


Develop a brand identity and stationery suite for a company of your choice, considering applications across a variety of media.



Aloft Communications is a balloon-based internet company, serving as a competitor to Google-started Loon. Instead of satellites, the company utilizes high-altitude stratospheric balloons as broadcast points to bring connectivity to new, underserved regions. 

Aloft exists for the up-and-coming entrepreneur, the trendsetter, the go-getter, the innovator, the one who wants to change the world. Whether young or old, they are motivated and constantly pushing forward. In today’s digital economy, access to the internet is the lifeblood of innovation, and the company seeks to create opportunity by making connections possible.

Aloft’s brand voice can be summarized in one word: Lift. Their tone is one of inspiration and hope, seeking to bring opportunity to new regions and challenge the way we think about connectivity. The logo mark captures both the importance of connection and the floating feeling of a balloon through the incorporation of the downward-beaming wifi symbol and the O floating above the baseline of the logotype, emulating a balloon drifting away to the heavens.

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