Bran Castle

Identity + Advertising Design


Develop a brand identity and advertising campaign for Bran Castle, a beautiful historic masterpiece located in Romania and widely considered to be the inspiration for Dracula's castle in Bram Stoker's famous novel.



The mark for Bran Castle exemplifies the overlapping and layered history of the castle. A crest shape, combined with a custom blackletter "B" forms an insignia reminiscent of the Romanian royalty who inhabited the castle in real life. The two points at the bottom of the crest reference vampire fangs, while the two dots beneath the B form vampire puncture wounds, while doubling as a pair of eyes that make the viewer interpret the entire crest as an upside-down bat, with the fangs becoming ears.

This juxtaposition of vampiric fantasy and opulent royalty is further exemplified in an ad campaign that utilizes the tagline "where myth meets majesty." The historic black and white imagery of both real-world royal figures from the castle's past, such as Queen Marie of Romania, and myth-like vampiric figures is interrupted by a rip over the eyes of each figure, creating a grotesque sense of curiosity and creepiness appropriate to the tales of the occult for which the castle is most visited.

Bran Castle Logo-02.png
Bran Castle Logo-01.png