Knead Baking Co

Identity / Packaging

GDUSA American Packaging Design Award 2022


Create an identity and packaging suite encompassing a variety of products and package sizes for a company of your creation.



Knead Baking Co offers artisan bread-making materials specifically for crafting the perfect loaf of sourdough. The brand is all about the history and experience of making sourdough, which informs its visual identity. The logo mark is made up by the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco (which is world-renowned for its sourdough), towering over a hill doubling as a loaf of bread. The badge-like quality of the logo references the tradition of collecting stickers or patches as mementos of new experiences or places visited. 

Large type, made up of various weights of Jonathan Hoeffler's Knockout, is bold, funky, and references the action of kneading bread through its use of mixed and contrasting weights within product names.

Knead Logo Final-02.png
Knead Logo Final-01.png