Nando's Peri-Peri

Digital Advertising


Research, plan, and design a comprehensive and dynamic advertising campaign for Nando's, a global peri-peri chicken restaurant that originated in South Africa and has since spread its roots around the world. The campaign focuses on a new program which I conceptualized, consisting of pick-up lockers on the outskirts of South African cities to address a unique problem that semi-rural customers face in this market: they are unable to receive food for delivery due to logistical complications and traveling into the city can be expensive or difficult.

*Patterns and Peri-ometer used are assets created by Nando's and utilized in my campaign work to maintain brand consistency*

Component 1: Banner Ads and Landing Page


Promote Nando's new "pickup points" which are located in semi-rural areas in Southern Africa and serve as a vessel to reach new audiences that are out of easy reach of traditional delivery or Nando's restaurants. 



The ad campaign I created highlights the idea that Nando's is now available almost anywhere in major areas of South Africa due to the increased access made possible by the new pickup points. It utilizes a formula for copywriting that could be scaled and customized, as it reads "From 'urban area,' to 'semi-rural area,' to a pickup point near you." The final phrase, "Let there be Peri-Peri" plays on the fun irreverence of the brand voice and makes a bold declaration that Nando's is now widely available. The banner ads, scaled to three different sizes, direct the audience to a landing page where they can easily see the ordering process and get started with the ordering process.

Component 2: Email and Landing Page


Building off of the banner ads, I conceptualized a new brand loyalty program in which users can order at Nando's to earn points, which can be redeemed for free food or other great rewards. Creating a free loyalty account also entitles the customer to free delivery to any Nando's pickup point as a means to remove barriers for prospective customers, as well as provide the company with data to more effectively advertise to members.



The email and landing page re-use the "Let there be Peri-Peri" tagline from the banner ad campaign to form an overall unified campaign, but add an additional component: "And Let it Be Free." They also utilize a "Peri-ometer" to illustrate how a customer might move up through levels as they collect points. Both components feature branded explainer graphics about the program's registration steps and its benefits, and the landing page provides a convenient place for the customer to sign up, ensuring a high rate of completion for the desired user task of enrolling in the program.

Email Final.jpg
Landing Page Final.jpg