Published in Auburn Circle Literary Arts Magazine

Quarantine 2020 is a glimpse into the absurdities and complexities of life during the 2020 COVID-19 global pandemic. The unexpected onset of social distancing measures preventing us from seeing our friends and families has been tough to cope with for everyone, and this series explores the range of emotions brought on by sudden mandated isolation. On one hand, I wanted to explore the absurdity of the situation by staging unusual or strange activities one might do around the house in an attempt to entertain themselves. However, the strangeness of our new normal can quickly turn into somber reflection on what life would be like right now without COVID-19 or what the world will look like after the pandemic is over. Even everyday moments look different as a result of extra necessary sanitary precautions. One might even think about the reason for all this—was the outbreak a random event? An act of God? This time consists of a lot of processing, wondering, and uncertainty.


This collection of photos is as much an exploration of the absurdities of quarantined life as it is a fun creative outlet during a stressful time. It is an opportunity to channel my whims and bizarre ideas into a creative act that speaks both to going to great lengths to entertain oneself and to the somber reflections and impacts on our daily routines brought on by the pandemic.