The Picture of Dorian Gray

Book Design

Exhibited in 2020 Auburn University Graphic Design Juried Show

Published in Auburn Circle Literary Arts Magazine


Create a 20-page book as a typographic exploration
of a story of your choice.



In this excerpt from The Picture of Dorian Gray, the titular character becomes so obsessed with his own beauty that he makes a deal with the devil in which a painting will capture the effects of aging so that he may stay beautiful eternally. In this exploration of his descent into madness, the devolving grid structure of the pages and the slow revelation of warped typography bring to light the darkness in the main character’s soul.

The book begins orderly and calm, as Dorian's mental state has not yet deteriorated. However, as pivotal moments of change happen in the story, words start to warp and become distorted. The pages narrow as the inevitable insanity closes in, and the book ends in darkness and chaos as Dorian Gray murders the artist who created the portrait that drove him further into madness.